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1) An introductory video
2) Original Conception of KWAUSO
3) Founder's initial impression of the layout
4) Consequent Facade, Rear, Side and Inner         Aspects  of  KWAUSO
5) Statement of intention
6) Statement of challenge
7) Statement of conviction

1) An introductory video

2) Original Conception of KWAUSO:
KWAUSO is the name of a SECONDARY SCHOOL Where the word "KWAUSO" stands for the meaning:

Through and to the honor of the Merciful Face of Our Lord

The root inspiration of KWAUSO Secondary School was a long contemplation on the Shroud of Turin.  The School was conceived by Fr. Stanislaus Mutajwaha as a good, self-sustaining, non-for-profit Boarding  Facility under the ownership of Bukoba Catholic Diocese - Tanzania, that, in the spirit of commitment could offer good and balanced (academic, moral and disciplined) education to all children without discrimination of gender or religion but capable of attending Secondary Education. The School would have always to maintain a keener eye on the children coming from the less economically fortunate background:  
For a Culture of Responsible Service of Others.

3) Founder's initial impression of the layout


4) Consequent Facade, Rear, Side and Inner Aspects  of  KWAUSO 

Above: Front view of the Administration Building

Above: Side view of the administration building.

Above: Rear view of the administration building (Year 2019)

Above: One classroom block adjacent to Administration block, dorm in background. 

Above: But when the pioneers of KWAUSO arrived late February/early March, 2011 the Administration Building pictured above was not yet in existence. In existence was the first phase of the project as seen in the picture below.  In the last picture above  the pioneers of KWAUSO pose together with the Director Fr. Stanislaus Mutajwaha (at centre, in white cassock), the first Headmaster Rev. Fr. Marcel Kaberwa in black cassock, right and the Assistant Accountant Divera Deogratias  (to the right of Fr. Marcel).

Above: First phase of the project was ready before the opening of KWAUSO by the end of February, 2011. But as time goes, KWAUSO approaches what it could possibly be.

5) Statement of intention

6) Statement of challenge

7) Statement of conviction

Kwauso always growing - Like this memorial mango tree at the center of the campus, March 2014.

It is simply because we fly on the wings of Hope, Conviction and Determination.

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