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1) An introductory video
2) A list of supporters - a spiral of generosity 
3) A tribute to our supporters - Poem
4) The first donation - Pre-School children

1) An introductory video

2) A list of supporters - a spiral of generosity
Below is a list of names of some of the project's supporters.  Some wanted to remain anonymous.  All have given from their heart. We pray that God will reward them for their good work. The diagram listing their names is in a form of a spiral to indicate that KWAUSO has grown as generosity built upon generosity.  Hence, one could describe the support that has led the School to its present looks as a spiral of generosity.

3) A tribute to our supporters - Poem

 (Teach the YouthOthers to Serve)
Tribute we send, to you who're great of heart; we laud your support, and  thank  you too
Educating the youth, for the others to serve; very lofty a goal; that deserved a thought
All thinking right! Only how to start? For without the means, how can one march
Cause certainly fine, as all could say; though without a heart, too tough to brave
Hard work they love; who believe in good; all time they toil; for reaching afar
Teaching we sow; and as we know: service their harvest; humanity our dividends
Humanity’s the same; brothers and sisters; reciprocal serving; how miss the point
Excellence in wit; all youth may seek; but the knowledge to serve, let none forgo
You who yet doubt, or still new perhaps; lend us your hand, become part of this
Our hearts ’l jump; for joy will sing; when responsibly firm, the youth ‘l serve
Unfasten not, those belts maintain; good times or hard; never fall to surrender
The task is huge, you friends can see; no quitting to choose, but forward to mov
Headway advance, together we’ll march; let’s finish the work, with joy conclude

Thanks for supporting our initiative to
educate the youth so they may grow to serve others.

4) The first donation - Pre-School children

The door of unprecedented generosity towards this project was opened by the Pre-School children at St. Vincent de Paul in Peoria April 12, 2005, morning hours. Those little children, about 20 in number, surprised me with their unsolicited gift, when they came to me holding out a poster on which was written their message for me to read:  “We saved our money all year long. We saved $100. Now we’re giving it to you – to help you build your School”. It was the first donation for this project.

Below is the poster on which the children had their message written (Note: By the time it was presented to Fr. Stan the paper was  whole, neat  and clean).

As I extended my hands to receive the children's gift and poster the words from Psalm 8:1-3 crossed my mind: "O Lord, our Lord, how awesome is your name through all the earth... Out of mouths of babes and infants you have drawn a defense against your foes..."

Knowing us  Works    Activities   Utilities    Support us   Others
So far this project has thrived on two pillars:
1) Self-help efforts and 
2) Unconditional support from persons of good will. 

Below the reader will be able to view some pictures of what has been done already and how the school looks. But the work is not finished.  We need more support.

Those who gave their support would freely and without any conditions, write a check payable to: St. Mary's Parish.  Specify in the memo line "for KWAUSO School". They would then send the check to St. Mary's at the following address:

St. Mary's Parish
79 W Third Street
El Paso, IL 61738

Link ==ITALIA -ITALIA-ITALIA==Contribution from Italy.

Per fare un'offerta dall'Italia per favore seguire l'informazione fornita dal link seguente:

The good work that has been done must be brought to completion otherwise the original dream will be embarrassingly left half realized.  Even though a lot has been accomplished, there are some areas that have even not yet been touched. 

Therefore while we thank all those who have helped us to achieve what has been realized,
Your support is still badly needed. KWAUSO does not yet have a proper house for prayer. Your donation could help us build a chapel or at least a multipurpose hall for conferences and other gatherings including prayer, for without God at the centre of our activity KWAUSO will remain "functional" but not  "viable".  We have made a good start. Let us carry out the good work to a proper conclusion.

Knowing us  Works    Activities   Utilities    Support us   Others

Combining your support with our efforts we can produce something good as the story we have been narrating suggests (not to mention what still follows).

Local ef f o r t s :

First step: Bishop Nestor Timanywa requested for a plot from the village Administration of Itahwa.

Offer of land as people's local support: At a summit meeting involving all the villagers, the Bishop's request was granted. Then the members of the Village Administration surveyed the requested plot and showed the Bishop where the proposed school could  be built.

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Village Administration shows the Bishop the plot's demarcation

The village determined that portion of land not exceeding 50 acres could be used for the School.
Because of your donation,
what looked like this less than 14 years ago  is now KWAUSO which ...

now looks like this and more as has been seen in all the story above.

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These children in their final Primary School year at Itahwa (2006) seem to be thinking: What next, when we have to leave school at the end of this school year?

Bishop Timanywa poses with those children after the village administration, in the name of the village, showed the demarcation of the plot for the proposed school

Second step: Preparations to build started

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Rocks and large stones crushed manually

Bricks made and baked

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Building started early 2008

Shortly later

Building continued
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Water from nearest stream with buckets on head

Villagers pave way and clear compound with hoes

These are mothers.
They came to help out. They wish even their children could access a quality education at Kwauso

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 Itahwa Primary School Children came to visit the construction bringing with them boundary marker plants as their contribution.

On their visit to the construction site, the children brought their contribution.
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 Bishop Method Kilaini speaks to people at one fundraiser

Other forms of self-support include the 200 double-decker beds the School  received from within Tanzania itself.

Such initiatives constitute our local contribution. 

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Children from the neighboring villages, a few supporters from Kashelero and David Kraft, a friend of Kwauso from Urbana, Illinois met at the construction site, April 2010. They all liked what they saw.

But at the same time, they could understand that a lot of work still needed to be done.

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 2)   Y  o  u  r     G  e  n  e  r  o  s  i  t  y

When backed up with generous support from people who care to help the project takes shape as the following pictures show.

By Christmas, 2010 two of the four dormitories and a set of bathrooms looked like this:

Shortly before arrival of the first students, end of February 2011:
The four main buildings are dormitories
A fifth main building is a dining hall.

Students behind a dormitory building

Students in front of the dining hall

Panoramic view of the compound, January 23, 2012

Please, decide to become part of this project.
Your donation will enable  Kwauso Secondary School
to give these children the key that our society needs so much:  
"Education for Responsible Service of Others"

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