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1) An introductory video:  A flash back.
2) Some basic Questions: What, Where, Why & Contacts
3) Behind what is going on: The question, "Who?"
4) Admission Procedures:  For those  interested in joining us.
5) Past National Form IV Academic Results/Plus subsequent High School/College Selections): One button click brings you to the Official Government the Form Four National Examination (The National Examinations Council of Tanzania = Necta) Performance of KWAUSO Students  thus enabling you to witness our steady growth towards excellence and the students' reason for  hope. (MATOKEO YA MITIHANI YA KIDATO CHA NNE MIAKA ILIYOPITA).

1) An introductory video:  A flash back.

(Watch a brief introductory video below by the Founder)


2) Some basic Questions: What, Where and Why?

Kwauso Secondary School is a project undertaken by Bukoba Catholic Diocese, a registered non-governmental and not-for-profit religious institution in Tanzania, East Africa. It is a double stream, Boarding Secondary School starting from Form I through Form VI. It is co-educational, admitting equal numbers of boys and girls to ensure equitable distribution of education opportunities to both genders. It aims at serving all without discrimination of religion though with a keener eye on the children coming from the economically less fortunate family background.

Depending on the age the individual children were enrolled to the primary schools of origin, one could expect the age of the students at KWAUSO to be anything ranging between 13 and 21 years.

At the beginning its full capacity will be about 400 students (roughly 200 girls and 200 boys).

Contact us: 
1)Postal Address - KWAUSO Secondary School, P.O. Box 1800, Bukoba. Tanzania. East Africa.

2) For emergency call Headmaster's Office:
 i) +255-782-619-854
ii) +255-763-896-378

3) For a question that requires direct attention of the Director email to:

The Beginnings:  Conceived by Fr. Stanislaus MutajwahaKWAUSO School project started to take shape with the endorsement of Bishop Nestor Timanywa of Bukoba Diocese.


It was in August 2004 when the Bishop gave permission to Fr. Stanislaus to work towards the realization of the project according to Fr. Stanislaus' conception. The Bishop knew that Fr. Stanislaus had special interest in the Shroud of Turin while Fr. Stanislaus in turn was also aware that the Bishop himself held the Shroud in high regard. Probably that could explain the fact that when Fr. Stanislaus' dream of a school for children in need of a good formation was made known to the Bishop as a school that could be seen as an appropriate response to the message of the Shroud to every heart that gazes at it, the Bishop's answer was so positive and prompt.  In a written document, issued shortly later, the Bishop confirmed his permission expressing full support of efforts to collect funds from within and abroad  to implement the project. 

Almost two years later, after some funds were obtained and the site of the construction was decided the local community, particularly the villages around welcomed the idea with the greatest enthusiasm, one significant sign being their common agreement to allocate a large plot of land and offer it to the Diocese for the building and later development of the school. This way the project emerged as a joint venture under the legal ownership of Bukoba Diocese with Fr. Stanislaus as the General Director of the Project.

Getting the funds was not easy. Many people especially our friends from Illinois, America got involved with the whole of their heart to make it happen. They count among the most basic pillars for the making of of KWAUSO. One can only say and repeat it that without their dedication and support, we would probably be still enjoying a concept.

In any case, it was not until the beginning of 2008 that sufficient courage could be mustered to start construction.

 3) Behind what is going on: The question, "Who?"


Above: Bishop Nestor Timanywa.  He permitted, encouraged and supported the efforts of building of KWAUSO finally inaugurating it when the time to start was ripe.


Above: Bishop Desiderius Rwoma.  He is the currently reigning Bishop of Bukoba Diocese. By reason of his office Bishop Desiderius Rwoma is the legal owner of KWAUSO Secondary School.

 Above: Bishop Method Kilaini. Even before his assignment as Auxiliary Bishop was shifted from Dar es salaam  to Bukoba, Bishop Kilaini followed the School project with the greatest interest and through his advise helped in balancing its conception. Ever since the School's inauguration he has been very close to its progress and administration in his capacity as the Chairman of the Advisory Board.                        

Above: Fr. Stanislaus Mutajwaha, Founder and Director of this School Project, is a steward of a gift meant for the service of children. He knows very well that this gift has become what it is through the sweat and sacrifices of many people of good will who believe in the power and nobility of sheer generosity. He understands, these deserve the best of  our gratitude and prayers for without them KWAUSO would have probably remained a good dream and nothing more.

Headmasters from start (2011) to present (2020) 


Rev. Fr. Marcel Kaberwa, the First Headmaster,
 (February 2011-April 2013).

While people say that every beginning is difficult, Fr. Marcel does not have to be told the truth of it for he knows what it means by what he experienced. Day one, when Fr. Marcel came to KWAUSO to do his assignment as the first Headmaster the population at his new place of work was nil. Working together with Fr. Stanislaus the Director, Fr. Marcel literally built from scratch. On day two, the first students reported. They were the pioneers. Fr. Marcel can be seen in the picture (in black cassock) with those pioneers  and his Assistant Accountant Divera Deogratias, seen far right, front row.

Those first months were tough. Yet, despite all the huddles and difficulties aggravated by the scarcity of the finances, work was done, and KWAUSO witnessed a steady rise of numbers of students such that in just one year the group looked as pictured below.

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Fr. Stanislaus Mutajwaha, Interim Headmaster
 (April 2013- August 2013).

While serving as Director Fr. Stanislaus was assigned Headmaster of the School for a short period. Below Fr. Stan is pictured (in white cassock, at centre) with the students and teachers in front of one classroom building during that period.


Rev. Fr. Marianus Rutagwelera, the Third Headmaster
 (August 2013-August 2015).


Rev. Fr. Remigius Rutashubanyuma, the Fourth Headmaster
 (July 2015-August 2018).

Rev. Fr. Profilius Mulokozi, the Fifth Headmaster

 Knowing us  Works    Activities   Utilities    Support us   Others

 Location of Project:

  Bukoba Diocese is located on the west of Lake Victoria, within the Tanzania Administrative Region of Kagera. In Kagera, KWAUSO is found in Bukoba Rural District lying at the distance of 15 km from Bukoba town for someone driving on the road Bukoba- Mwanza/Dar es salaam road but turning right after a 12 km drive.

Bukoba in Tanzania

Tanzania in Africa



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According the the 2006 survey the number of people residing within the Diocese was about 870,000.

The economy is based on small scale agriculture. Coffee is the principal cash crop while plantain/banana is the main food crop in the area where the project is located.

Banana is the principal food crop


Through collaboration with people of good will
the School aims at making a difference in the lives of many
by breaking the vicious cycle shown below:

Working together with the parents the School aspires to promote an effective education: Education for Responsible Service of Others

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The following pages show that the seed has been planted and has started to germinate.

We need watering and supplying it with the necessary nutrients to enable it to grow and produce its fruits like the mango tree below.

To view what we have built so far go to the page "Support Us" from the menu or click the following link:

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4) Admission Procedures:  For those  interested in joining us.

We admit students who have just completed their Primary 7 Final Examinations. The candidates are required to obtain an application form normally available at one of the examination centres.   To know where your nearest or most convenient  examination centre is located, the candidate's parent or sponsor  may call the Headmaster's Office at Phone Number +255-769-023-648. An Application Form fee is always paid and it is non-refundable. This form, bearing a passport picture of the candidate will then serve as an identity paper on the day of the admission test. A candidate without the identity paper will not be allowed into the interview room.

 The interview test is composed by considering the current National Primary School syllabus. The candidate enjoys the options of sitting the interview test  either in English or Kiswahili. The preferred option is stated by the candidate on the Application Form beforehand. 

5) Past National Form IV Academic Results/Plus subsequent High School/College Selections):
Simply click the link indicated below to see the National Form IV Examination results of our students of of the year of your choice.
Year  2020 (Post 2019 Form IV Examination) - High School/College Selections:
Year  2019:
Year  2018:
Year  2017:
Year  2016:
Year  2015:
Year  2014: